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Psychotherapy and counseling

Person-centred therapy also called client centred therapy, is one of the most common forms of psychotherapy.

Person-centred psychotherapy aims to help people in life crises and distress, which may severely affect them in coping with everyday and professional tasks. These include, for example, anxiety disorders, depressive, psychosomatic, eating or addiction disorders.

In contrast to other forms of therapy, the person-centred therapy does not focus on the problems of the client, but on the development potential of the person in the here and now.


  • Person-centred psychotherapy / counseling with adults, children and adolescents


  • Psychotherapy / counseling via video


  • Play therapy

  • Filial Therapy


  • Family Therapy

  • Group therapy


  • Coaching

  • Counseling for educational professionals

  • Counseling for foster parents individually or in a group


I'm offering psychotherapy in English, German or Hebrew

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